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Life for Pot​

Twenty years ago I received a phone call informing me that my youngest brother had been indicted for a marijuana conspiracy in Florida.  Our lives have never been the same.  John was missing, then picked up by Interpol and held in Prison de la Sante in France till his extradition to the Northern District of Florida in 1999.  When he went to trial in 2000, he was found guilty of three conspiracy charges and given a sentence of two life terms plus twenty.

We were stunned that a first time nonviolent marijuana offender could receive a sentence of this magnitude.

When John's appeals were completed, I wanted to know if there were other nonviolent marijuana offenders who had received life without parole and I started the web site Life for Pot and began to gather their stories.

We Need Executive Clemency - Commutations

A Charge of Conspiracy  combined Combined with Exercising your Sixth Amendment Right to Trial Equals a Sentencing Disparity

A Sentence that is Six times the Length of a Plea Bargained Sentence

We are an organization that spotlights offenders who have received the sentence of Life without Parole for marijuana offenses. We do not believe that nonviolent marijuana offenders should receive sentences of Life for Pot.

These are inmates who are nonviolent and have no violent priors. Their sentences were received for marijuana offenses There will also be inmates who have received defacto life sentences for marijuana. 


Life For Pot
Life For Pot Commutation