and tooled. He turns out beautiful purses, wallets, belts and other assorted items. This is one way that he can be productive, support his own commissary needs and send money, Christmas and Birthday gifts to his children.

Andy was a firefighter who was indicted for growing marijuana in the Chattahoochee National Forest using a Landscaping Business as a decoy.  He was a rural Georgia boy.  Andy and three others were charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana in northern Georgia in the spring of 2005.  Andy left town, but three years later he was found in Casa Grande Arizona and was extradited back to Georgia where he chose exercise his 6th amendment right to trial rather than accept a plea.  Andy's three co-defendants received two, three and five years for the offense.  They all accepted pleas and were available to testify at Andy's trial.

When Andy was sentenced by the US District Court Judge in 2009, he was given  a sentence of life without parole for 594 plants (3" to 4") in the forest and 724 seedlings on his father's property.   Since 2008, Andy has been residing in Federal Prison Facilities.  This nonviolent marijuana offender should be granted clemency.

Andy was man Lost in the BOP. For months we checked the BOP locator frequently to see if Andy had found a home in a new United States Prison or if he has been returned to his Previous cell in USP Pollock, Pollock, LA. He was held in local facilities for months without family and friends being able to find him. This is normal when Federal prisoners are transported for hearing and appeals. They can be cancelled and rescheduled endlessly, meanwhile the inmate is held in facilities where there are no rules for confinement.

Traveling for an inmate is an ominous journey. Stops may be in a county jail, a transit center or any number of facilities. Even passive nonviolent inmates must travel long distances shackled at the waist and ankles. Rest stops are tedious and difficult. One or two Marshalls may accompany you and their demeanor is unknown, yet your safety and well-being is in their charge.

When Andy was sentenced by a US District Judge in 2009 he was given a sentence of Life without Parole for 594 plants (3” to 4’) in the forest and 724 seedlings on his father’s property.



On October 3 2016, Andy Cox was denied Presidential Clemency.  We will continue to look for sentencing relief.

Andy Cox 89487-02

USP Big Sandy

PO Box 2068

Inez, KY 41224

Circuit  11th

Age    54

Charges    Conspiracy to manufacture marijuana - growing

Priors   2 marijuana priors

Incarcerated since    3/13/1008    Sentenced  2/6/2009

Trial or plea    Trial

Andy Cox


Andy has many people who care about him. He has three children, one brother and one sister. He has no violence in his case and no victims. Prior to being confined for life as a nonviolent marijuana inmate, Andy had two years of college with an Associate Degree in Hydrology Hydraulics. He was a Firefighter in Vero Beach, FL. and later owned his own businesses – a Restaurant, Used Car Lot, Gas Station, Trucking Co., and a Wholesale Warehouse.

During most days, Andy works on legal issues for appeal, reading about developments in the marijuana community and current events. Another constant activity is making all kinds of leather goods that are hand sewn