Antonio Bascaro            03846-021            age – 80
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Written by the children of Antonio Bas

My dad was born in October 22, 1934 in Havana, Cuba
My father was a young Captain of the Naval Air force with Batista and one of the Pilots that worked, trained and participated with the CIA on the Bay of Pigs invasion.  He trained in Guatemala.  That is how he met my mother.  My grandfather was one of the politicians helping the Cubans during their st

 I don't have all the details but I think that his plane went down during the invasion and was in jail in Cuba for a while.  I am also not clear how he got out.  I will ask him about that.

All his life he tried to do the right thing. After he got out of Cuba, he went back to Guatemala to reunite with my mom and try to make a life.  They got married.  My grandfather and my dad's sisters then went to Miami.  His first job in Guatemala was as a crop duster.  After seeing many of his friends die he moved on to becoming a pilot for the Guatemalan Airline.  He was unable to stay there because those jobs were reserved for the Guatemalan Military pilots, He then moved to being a private pilot for the wealthy in the country.  He tried many many things to make a living and take care of his family but nothing worked.  I believe that he even tried to purchase land to have a farm but he was not allowed because he was not Guatemalan.  A stranger in a strange land with only his wife and his children as family.  I know that there is a LOT more to this story but since he disappeared from our lives when I was 12 years old, all our conversations thereafter happened from the context of jail and as you can imagine, not much is really said.

My dad says that the only reason he is in jail, while the group leader and other defendants are all out is because he refuse to "snitch" on his friends.  The honor of his word and protection of his family is what made him pay this hefty price.  All other defendants cooperated and received a lot shorter sentences.

My dad is a very smart, active and caring man.  He would do anything for a friend.  He has lived his life in prison as if he was in the outside.  This has allowed him to keep his sanity and his positive attitude.  Never giving up that one day he will get out and be with his family again

What does he like?  I am not sure but I can guess that he likes airplanes.  He likes family and good times.  He likes food.  He has managed to figure out how to cook good food with what he has in prison.  All his friends there know that for special occasions the joy of good food is his comfort and happiness.

His health is ok for an 80 year old.  He turned 80 this October.  He just recently had back surgery because he had been suffering from excruciating pain for a long time.  Probably due to all of the airplane accidents that he had in his career.  He is better now and starting to get around without a wheel chair (with a walker). My last visit to him this summer was a shock to see him so debilitated, in pain and in a wheel chair.

How his absence affected his family....where do I start?   The few people that know about my dad I tell them that I lost him to a fate worse than death. Because he is not dead but he is not here either.  Because even though he wants to be with us, he can't.  Most of the conversations that we have with him are about what we can do to get him out and what things he needs us to do for him. I "lost" him when I was 12 years old.  My older sister 14 and my brother 10.  The damage done to children when they grow up without a father is not measurable, especially in a circumstance like this.  When your father goes to jail you are in a continuous state of hope and disappointment.  In recent years, technology and the more flexible phone access has allowed us to stay more in touch.  We speak weekly because I live in Atlanta, GA, however communication with my sister who lives in Guatemala and my brother who lives in Dubai is more difficult.  We will never know how our life was affected by it or how different our lives would have been.  The three of us have made good successful lives for ourselves, but we carry a cloud of sadness that will never go away.

My children barely know him through photos.  A few short phone conversations and a couple of visits in jail.  They will never know the amazing grandfather that they have.  How do you measure that?

A side note:  My brother became a pilot and he is a captain for Emirates Airline.  My brother's son also became a pilot.  He recently graduated and currently he is an instructor in Florida.

The admitted owner and leader of the group (during the trial of US versus Tabruaue) has been free since 1994 (20 years ago). My father Antonio Eliseo Bascaro (Inmate # 03846-021) has been incarcerated since February 21, 1980 when I was 14 years old.  That is over 34 years.  In October 2014 he will be 79 years old.
My father is the only member of the group with whom he was incarcerated that is still in prison, today.  He also was given the longest sentenced

My father’s record while in jail is exemplary both on his behavior and his activities.  He has spent the last 34 years of his life getting educated, staying healthy and examining his actions and how he can lead a positive, legitimate and successful life as soon as he gets out.  Today he is only 20 credits away from obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in business.  All credits were obtained while in jail.
I would like to ask the members of the US Pardon office and the Clemency Project 2014 Leaders to please consider my father as the perfect candidate to offer clemency to for the actions he committed.  I know that if you give him this gift that he will prove you right.

I would like to request that he is able to live the last years of his life surrounded by the family that loves him and has stood by his side all of this years.
His plan is to live with his two sisters, aunt, brother in law and niece and nephews in Miami, Florida and also spend time with me and my children whenever possible in Atlanta, GA.
Neither I nor he can justify the actions that got him to be in jail for all of this years but I know that he understands that his actions were wrong and that they have cost him his life and the happiness of his entire family.  Please allow him to get back to us and have our children enjoy his company, wisdom and his love in the few years that he has left.