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Charles was by no means a principle in this sting, and did not feel he should be charged for all the elements of the conspiracy, he said he was only going to buy some pot. He decided to go to trial. When all the prosecutions were over it was not surprising that Charles was the only conspirator who received a sentence of life without parole. He had set his sights on justice and taken his chances with a jury. Co-conspirators testified against him per their plea agreements.

Charles had three minor priors in the 70s and 80s for growing and possessing marijuana, but aside from that he had basically supported himself and his family through employment. He had been a construction worker, managed a stereo store, mortgage sales and most recently the plant nursery.

As Charles lives out his final days behind bars and razor wire, all those participants in the conspiracy are free, even the individual identified by authorities to be the principal distributor and broker for the ring. He did not roll the dice with a jury swayed by prosecutorial over charging.

This elderly gentleman has been in prison since 1991. Because of enhancements and mandatory minimums the Judge did not have the option of a sentence more reasonable than Life without Parole. Essentially, prosecutors were in the driver’s seat determining the length of the sentence.

For twelve years, Charles was a worker for Unicor – the Prison Industry and then his health began to deteriorate. He now is in pain, immobile, without funds for basic necessities, and dependent on the kindness of strangers.

The list of physical ailments is lengthy for this 68 year old inmate.

  • He has had a carcinoma removed from his back that did not heal well. 
  • For 12 months he had a sinus infection that was not properly treated until his
  • orbital bone began to disintegrate from the constant infection. 
  • He pulled three discs which cause back and leg pain.
  • He was diagnosed with kidney stones and arthritis 
  • He had to have back surgery because he could not walk and his right leg and foot
  • Feet flap and the right leg has become smaller 
  • In January of 2011 he finally had back surgery 
  • he has vision problems
  • Charles is in constant pain and walks with a walker.

Charles Cundiff 09400 – 017


Polly Cundiff McDade – divorce

Lisa Cundiff Wood
​Lori Cundiff Neely
​Nine grandchildren
Fredrick Cundiff
​Six Grandchildren
Oneida Marie Thompson
Two priors:
1977 – growing marijuana
​1985 – growing marijuana

GED – 1967

charles cundiff story

Charles (Fred) Cundiff

09400-017 age 69
​Coleman Medium FCI
PO Box 1032
​Coleman, FL. 33521

Among the multitude of America’s nonviolent senior citizens dying behind bars is Charles (Fred Cundiff)
Charles Cundiff was traveling to Tallahassee to buy some marijuana in 1991. He was working at Windy Pines Plant Nursery and had a wife and three children. By anyone one’s definition, he was a family man. When Charles arrived he was arrested in what can only be described as a reverse sting involving 9 individuals.