Dear President Trump

Nonviolent Marijuana Offenders Sentenced to Life without Parole Need Clemency or they will Die in Prison Chained to a Hospital Bed. They were charged with Conspiracy and went to Trial

When CP-14 began the screening process, some screeners found their life without parole applicants met the criteria, but many other screeners made the decision that nonviolent offenders with life did not meet the same criteria.

Some of the criteria required value judgements that by definition made the decisions of screeners inconsistent  The nonviolent marijuana offenders with life without parole almost without exception were:

1. Charged with conspiracy, a charge that is nonspecific and broad.  It requires no definitive  evidence, just testimony of others testifying for a plea, confidential inform testifying for money, or agent.

2. Elected to exercise their Sixth Amendment right to trial.  This decision  assures that they will receive a
trial penalty at sentencing – charges will be added.  Going to trial assures that the
sentence will be up to 6X  higher than those who take a plea.

Surprisingly, Clemency Project 2014 left thousands of nonviolent offenders with sentences that do not fit the crime behind.  We have hope that President Trump will move this process into the White House and expedite thousand of commutations for these offenders who are not a threat to others.  Our over incarceration is not fiscally responsible, merciful or just.