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Corvain Cooper was born in 1979 in Inglewood, California. He is 35 years old and has two daughters. He was indicted in January of 2013 for violations of Federal Distribution and Money Laundering statutes in the Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte. He had never been to Charlotte.

In 2010 a childhood friend got caught with 338 pounds of marijuana. Eighteen months later he began to cooperate with authorities and named Corvain as a conspirator. Corvain was in custody in California on a conviction for posssion and transportation of one-half pound of cannabis for which he received a two year sentence; and with "Good Time" he spent a little less than one year in custody. He was released on July 22, 2012

After his release Corvain "Put that life behind me." He trademarked his own clothing line, "Old Money" and got engaged to his fiance, Susan Wilbun, and became an active member of Faith Full Center Church of Inglewood, California.

After spending "A wonderful holiday with my family and children," on January 28, 2013, Corvain was at home finishing the design for a promotional sweatshirt he was going to pass out at the Martin Luther King Parade, and as he was preparing to go see his daughter's drill team competition, federal agents arrived and in front of his children and neighbors, arrested Corvain and extradited him to Charlotte to face the current charges. Due to the distance his family was not able to afford to come visit him or attend his trial.

The entire case was built on statements made for plea agreements, and agents.

Corvain was "offered" 15 to 20 years if he pled guilty to things he knew he had not done. He was facing a life sentence if he exercised his right to trial and lost. He did the only thing he felt was correct; he took it to trial thinking the truth would come out.

There is much more, but Corvain's case was mirrored the cases of almost all nonviolent drug offenders who receive Life without Parole. He was charged with conspiracy and Exercised his Right to Trial.

Corvain Cooper

Life For Pot


On October 3, 2016 Corvain Coopet's Petition for Commutation was denied.  We will continue to look for sentencing relief.