Jeurgen Heinz Williams 3467-018     USP Atlanta                                    P.O. Box 15016                          Atlanta, GA. 30315                   Release Date 8/5/26                      Age - 68

On January 18, 2017 Way Que Long was denied Presidential Clemency by President Obama

On Jan. 18, 2017 James Tranmer was granted a Commutation by President Obama

Great News - Maurice (Moe) Foley 20211-068  has been notified that he has received a two level reduction in sentence. That's a minimum of 54 months off, but it could be 82 months.

Maurice Foley"s Petition for Presidential Clemency was denied by President Obama

Maurice' sentence was reduced and he was released from federal custody.  Maurice Foley is free.

Irma Allard has been released

Clemency was denied by President  Obama 

On August 30, 2016 Craig Frazier was granted Presidential Clemency

Parker did not receive Clemency from President Obama

Great News - Weldon Angelos has been released and is home with his family! June 3, 2016

Antonio Bascaro's Petition for Presidential Clemency was denied