Corvain's Petition for Clemency was denied by President Obama.

On January 18, 2017 Jimmy Romans was denied Commutation by President Obama

Jimmy's sentence has been reduced from life without parole to thirty years.

Michael Pelletier 11109-036      

USP Terre Haute
​PO Box 33
​Terre Haute, IN 47808

Circuit                            1 st                                                      
Age                              62                                                                  Charges                    Conspiracy to distribute                             Priors                       2 prior marijuana                                     Incarcerated Since     2006                                                                 Trial or Plea               Trial                                                               Health Issues              Michael has been in a wheel chair since the age of 11

Craig's Petition for Presidential Clemency was Denied on Nov. 29, 2016

Jimmy Romans10195-028

Greenville FCI

PO Box 5000

Greenville, IL 62246

Ferrell's Petition for Clemency  was Denied by President Obama on Nov.29, 2016

Andy's Petition for Clemency was denied by President Obama.

Pedro Moreno 71498-079

USP  Atwater                  

POBox 019001,Atwater, CA.95301

Pedro Moreno

Petition on

Andy Cox 89487-020

USP Big Sandy

PO Box 2068

Inez, Ky 41224

Inmates under 62

Michael's Petition for Clemency was not acted on by President Obama.


Meet the Inmates Serving ​Sentences of Life without Parole in Federal Prison for Marijuana

Hector (Ruben) McGurk 25843-180

FCI Tucson

PO Box 23811

Tucson, AZ. 85734

Hector's petition for Commutation was not acted on by President Obama

In January of 2017, Ismael's petition for clemency was denied by  President Obama


Executive Clemency