Executive Clemency


Ismael Lira  45946-180

USP Terre Haute

P O Box 33

Terre Haute, IN. 47808

Ismael is a 40 year old nonviolent marijuana offender who has been incarcerated since he was 27.  Ismael was charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance.  The substance was 100 kilograms or more of a detectable amount of marijuana.  Aside from a dui when Ismael was younger, this was his first offense.  This nonviolent marijuana offender has been incarcerated since 2004.

Ismael exercised his 6th Amendment right to trial, received the trial penalty and was sentenced to life.  Through Conspiracy Charges and electing to go to trial, Ismael was designated a kingpin. 

Ismael has an impressive prison resume.  He has taken ACE Electrical Trade Introduction to Carpentry USP Yoga Classes Painting, Custodial Maintenance, Rel SVC Reentry Class, Transition Reentry Class, Lether Class, Health and Nutrition, Vocational Business Management Computer Classes and many more.  He has a positive attitude and still has hope.

Ismael told me he tried to smile for his picture, but it didn't happen.  He's not mad, just broken.  He needs support for sentencing relief. 

In January of 2017, Ismael's petition for commutation was denied by President Obama.