The exceptionally long sentencing of nonviolent drug offenders is just one of the reasons why the United States now incarcerated 25 % of the world's inmates when our population is only 5 %

We believe that this is in part determined by the nature of our Conspiracy Law. Conspiracy is a charging instrument that is not used in most developed countries. Another reason for our extraordinary sentencing is that when defendants choose to go to trial they are given sentences for 3 to 6 times longer than if they take a plea.

Our Purpose is to find nonviolent marijuana inmates who have been
sentenced ‚Äčto Life without Parole for marijuana.

We will look for them in the Federal System as well as State Systems.
We intend to determine what percent of of these nonviolent marijuana offenders were:

  1. Charged with Conspiracy 
  2. Exercised their Right to Trial
  3. The Circuit Where they were Sentenced

When I started the web site Life for Pot in December of 2008 my main goal was to find other federal nonviolent inmates who had received the sentence of life without parole. After finding several, I found that they all had elements in common. Those elements were

  1. They all had exercised the Sixth Amendment right to trial
  2. They had all been charged with conspiracy with the evidence being cooperating witnesses testifying for a plea agreement
  3. It seemed as if a high % of these inmates had been charged and convicted in southern Circuits - with the 11th circuit leading

We will now aggressively look for nonviolent marijuana offenders serving sentences of life without parole or defacto life sentences. For our purposes anyone who has served 10 years and will not be released before the age of 60 will be considered an inmate with a defacto life sentence.